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Is today the day to seriously consider organic farming?

June 23, 2020

By Bryce Irlbeck, AgriSecure Co-Founder and B&B Irlbeck Farms With so much economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering: Is now the right time to transition into organic crop production? Is this the right time to increase the number of organic acres you’re already farming? My answer, yes. Current market conditions, […]

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80 Million Millennials Can’t Be Wrong: Farmer Panel on Why and How to Get Started in Organics

April 28, 2020

80 million millennials are a part of the driving force behind the rapid growth of organic food demand. So why aren’t more farmers transitioning into a system that sees premiums of 2x over conventional and profitable margins? In a panel that took place at FBN’s Farmer2Farmer V event, AgriSecure co-founder and organic farmer Bryce Irlbeck […]

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field of corn, man sitting on haunches examining the corn, half the photo has been combined already. It is harvest time, combine in background

How COVID-19 is Impacting the Organic Market and 3 Steps to Take

April 27, 2020

By Dahn Clemens, AgriSecure Organic Grain Marketer, and Steve Sinkula, AgriSecure CEO With COVID-19 causing conventional corn and soybean prices to fall, organic farmers may be wondering how the pandemic is going to affect their marketing plans. Currently, organic corn prices are down — around $6.80 per bushel — because of strong production in 2019 […]

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5 Keys to Marketing Organic Crops and Reaping the Highest Profits Possible

February 20, 2020

By Steve Sinkula, AgriSecure CEO, and J.P. Rhea, Organic Farmer and AgriSecure Co-Founder The biggest benefit of marketing organic crops are the price premiums. Over the last decade we’ve seen premiums almost double conventional crops, with organic corn averaging over $9.50 a bushel and soybeans more than $20 per bushel. Source: USDA ERS While we […]

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field of corn, man sitting on haunches examining the corn, half the photo has been combined already. It is harvest time, combine in background

Ready to Get into Organic Production? Free Playbook for a Smooth Transition

February 6, 2020

Becoming an organic farmer is not a simple task. It requires a 36-month period, known as the transition process, where fields are treated as they would be under organic certification, but without being able to reap the organic premiums. Transitioning can set your organic operation up for success or struggles, which is why AgriSecure has […]

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4 Keys to Effectively Choosing and Using Organic Crop Inputs

February 2, 2020

By Bryce Irlbeck, AgriSecure Co-Founder & B&B Irlbeck Farms Growers understand that switching from a conventional farming system to organic means giving up certain products like genetically modified seed and synthetic herbicides. But that doesn’t mean organic farmers do not have crop input options. In fact, aside from nitrogen fertilizers and herbicides, most conventional inputs […]

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7 Tips for Succeeding After Organic Transition

January 31, 2020

By Bryce Irlbeck, AgriSecure Co-Founder & B&B Irlbeck Farm; Ken Jenkins, AgriSecure Account Executive & Goliath Ag It’s been 36 months since you started the transition process, and now you’re entering your first growing season as a certified organic farmer. While this means finally being able to reap those high premiums, it also means that […]

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Watch “Going Organic: Crops of the Future” from Farmer2Farmer V

December 16, 2019

Thinking of going organic? Wondering what it might look like for your farm in the future? Watch the in-depth discussion between organic farmers J.P. Rhea (AgriSecure co-founder), Travis Heide, and Rusty Olson at FBN’s Farmer2Farmer V event to gain insights into the path of organic so that you can make more educated decisions on your […]

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Photograph of a woman in a plaid shirt watching a tractor in a field in a sunset

Organic Profit Calculator Helps Farmers Evaluate Potential with Organic Crops

November 22, 2019

AgriSecure has launched an online calculator to help farmers discover the potential revenue and profit they could generate from organic crops. Taking just a couple minutes to complete, the calculator uses the number of acres you’re interested in converting to organic, your average land costs, 5-year APH for corn, and crops in your rotation, to […]

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Want Organic Premiums, and Clean Fields?

November 11, 2019

AgriSecure understands that making the decision to “go organic” on some (or all) of your acres is a big deal. In particular, starting the transition process requires confidence in Weed Management practices and tools. AgriSecure has developed a FREE Guide to help farmers gain a better understanding of how weed management can be possible in […]

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