Organic Inisghts

5 Critical Factors for Effective Weed Control in Organic Row Crop Systems

July 3, 2019

By Matt Holman, AgriSecure & Rhea Brothers If you’re new to organic production, or are considering it, one of the biggest concerns you probably have is weed control. Without the use of herbicides, you may be wondering whether weed control is even possible. While it does take a higher level of management, weed control in […]

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Growing Demand for Organic Foods Sets Up Long-Term Benefits for Farmers

June 27, 2019

When Steve Merfeld heard Farmers Business Network (FBN) was investing in AgriSecure, he started to think about whether his 2,200-acre farm in Nashua, Iowa, should get into organic production. He presented the idea to two farmers he works with and they agreed to investigate further. After meeting with AgriSecure and reflecting on their experiences with […]

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4 Keys to Early Season Organic Success

June 5, 2019

By Bryce Irlbeck, B&B Irlbeck Farms Given how often things change in farming, some consider plans to be obsolete. But for large-scale organic producers, developing a plan is key to avoiding pain points that can hurt your bottom line. And when things change, as they often do, a plan can help determine your next best […]

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VIDEO: To be or not to be? Making the decision to transition acres to organic

April 5, 2019

The biggest challenge to taking advantage of the organic profit opportunity is often making the decision to get started.  AgriSecure clients have consistently valued our team’s experience and perspective in helping evaluate the opportunity, as well as understand what it takes to be successful. If you’d like to hear directly from 4 farmers, watch the […]

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New “Got Organic?” Report Details the Organic Opportunity

December 19, 2018

Consumer-driven demand for organic food, and thus organic crops, has grown rapidly over the past decade. Consumer demand has created a significant economic opportunity for row crop growers; however, U.S. organic corn and soybean production has lagged. DBL Partners recently published “Got Organic? Welcome to the Age of 21st Century Organic Farming”, a powerful paper […]

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Photo of a tractor harvesting wheat at sunset

Farm & Livestock Directory Look to AgriSecure for Transition Questions

November 20, 2018

Farmers have a lot of questions when considering the transition to organic crops.  To help their readers, Farm & Livestock Directory looked to AgriSecure and Farmers’ Business Network to get started on seven common questions. Check out Thinking About Transitioning to Organic? Seven common questions answered to read J.P. Rhea’s thoughts and insights to questions AgriSecure frequently […]

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Beautiful sunny day looking at a healthy corn field, rolling hills

Transitioning Acres to Organic: Q&A with an Iowa Grower

November 9, 2018

While he was intrigued by the profit potential of organic crops, Kyle Schomers didn’t necessarily think it was a right fit for his family’s farm. That was until he received some sound advice from the folks at AgriSecure. Kyle’s family farm had an issue with a field that was not producing like it should, so […]

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young soybeans are growing in a field back lit by the sun, which is shining through the leaves

Diversifying with Organic Crops

October 27, 2018

Transitioning acres to organic crops is an excellent way for growers to diversify their operation. The organic market in the United States continues to rise — a demand that is currently not being met domestically — presenting ongoing opportunities for U.S. farms to increase their bottom line.   An AgriSecure grower, Brian Irlbeck, recently spoke […]

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Top down photo of two fields that have different colors. Probably wheat and corn You can easily observe rows in crops

Landlord Embraces Organic Farming

October 16, 2018

It may seem like there are a lot of obstacles when transitioning acres from conventional to organic crops. While some have apprehensions about new chemicals or equipment, those who rent land also may be concerned about landlord acceptance of a new method of farming. Check out Organic Farming and Sustainability: Q&A with a Nebraska Landlord […]

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Listen to AgriSecure CEO discuss tackling organic production with the Rural Radio

September 24, 2018

KVRN 880 Rural Radio recently reached out to learn how AgriSecure works with farmers to enter into and expand organic production in traditional farm markets.  The founders, all 5th generation farmers, have gone through the transition to organic themselves – and transformed the farms’ economics in the process.  But it wasn’t easy.  “We like to say there […]

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